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PEDAL's Santo Domingo De Los Tsachilas

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This adventure will begin in the High Sierra and end in  the tropical rain forest.  We will cruise downhill on a old dirt road through beautiful waterfalls and the rainforest.  After a full day of biking, we will drive to the indigeous community of the Tsachilas.  The Tsachila people live in the province of Santo Domingo De Los Tsáchilas (Colorados).  Men wear elaborate head decoration by shaving each side of the head and shaping the rest of their hair into a hat like feature.  With a mixture of grease and sap seeds, they color their hair red.  


You will spend 1 day in the community working with Yanapuma Foundation.  We will build community gardens, work on trails and learn the traditions of Tsachilas people.  This is an incredible opportunity to work and live with an indigenous community in Ecuador.


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