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We love getting messages like this one:

“Even though my personal financial situation is tight, I felt compelled to donate.  I could not even imagine what it must be like to lack water, which most Americans take so much for granted.  It made me think…….what if I turned on my faucet and nothing came out…….it would be devastating!  As you know, there are several donation funds setup for the Ecuadorian People, but PEDAL’s cause seemed so simplistically essential, which is the reason I chose to donate to PEDAL.  I want to thank you and PEDAL for the work you are doing for the people of Ecuador who do not have the luxury of being able to take anything for granted.  Please feel free to put me on your mailing list.  I will do what I can to help, including spreading the word about PEDAL!

Most Sincerely,
Chris B.
Aurora, IL, USA”
Thank YOU Chris, for your generosity and support of our project!  We are so grateful for every contribution.  Keep spreading the world about PEDAL for Change’s water filter project so we can help even more families here in Ecuador!

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